Susan Parkinson has over 27 years of experience representing landlords in Marin County, San Francisco and Lake County and provides quality, personal service at a reasonable cost.

I will aggressively and efficiently handle legal matters to meet your goals as an owner/landlord or property manager. I welcome the opportunity to get to know you and discuss your landlord/tenant concerns. I will personally take the time to get to know you and your business. 

SP Law Offices has managed thousands of legal disputes to successful conclusion. Let us assist you in navigating the rent laws.We can work together to solve your legal matters and obtain the best results for your business or property.

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Law Offices of Susan Parkinson 

Susan Parkinson

We handle all types of Landlord/Tennant issues.

• Non-payment of Rent
• Habitability Issues
• Nuisance Cases
• All types of Evictions
• San Francisco Rent Board Issues
• Landlord Defense of Tenant Cases
• Commercial Lease Negotiation
   and Disputes.

Having problems with your tenants or considering renting your property for the first time? 

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             Susan Parkinso